A new blog for 2023

It has been 2 years since I re-worked my personal website anunknown.dev, and the previous version was on cloud hardware and I have recently been using fly.io for small project development, so I decided for a re-work.

The site is built using the following

The workflow is

  1. Push writing to writing repo
  2. Locally regenerate site custom Gen.run() code generator
  3. Push to blog repo
  4. Deploy changes using fly deploy

The accomplishes my goal of having the writing (which everyone, including me, needs to do more of) instead of focussing on formatting in HTML/CSS.

I have experience with site generators, but I have certain elixir code projects to display (not ported yet) so having an Elixir app running (instead of just say raw HTML/CSS) is just fine.

Cheers to more writing in 2023.